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With a flair for combining traditional instruments and modern production techniques, Sarkis Mikael is a music producer, DJ and audio engineer who takes listeners on an entrancing, soul-stirring journey. Drawing from global influences, his eclectic electronic soundscapes move between organic and synthetic, physical and emotional. 

As the founder of Sound of Symmetry and co-founder of NCTRNL Records, Sarkis has spent years developing an electronic music community focused on the healing power of sound. Now, from his high-end studio Finaltone, he works with some of the world's top artists, mixing and mastering their tracks with a blend of analog and digital gear with the likes of Atish, Daví, Felix Raphael, Goldcap, Hraach, Kora, Nhii, Sabo and more. 

Sarkis is enthusiastically crafting his debut album to create impactful music that will break boundaries and warm hearts.